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Fri Jul 5

5 Questions People Often Ask When Buying Windows

5 Questions People Often Ask When Buying Windows

FAQ buying Alu Clad Windows. Coming into the summer is a time when many people’s new homes are under construction, or indeed many existing homeowners begin to consider how they can upgrade their glazing before the upcoming winter. Although it is a busy season, Paul at Zyle Fenster UK found the time to sit down with us to talk about some of the most common questions he gets from new customers.

What’s the best finish to choose that will look good both inside and outside?

Thankfully, choosing one colour for your windows that should look good both inside and outside of your home is a thing of the past. Modern finishing techniques allow customers to choose separate finishes for the interior and exterior of their windows allowing for greater freedom of design throughout the home. If you are buying wooden, or Alu Clad windows, then you have over 230 RAL colours at your disposal. When being applied to wood the timber is first protected through a process of impregnation, followed by a base coat, and finished with a lacquer which locks the colour in and creates a surface that is as easily wiped clean as your kitchen table. Of course when dealing with wood, you also have the option of purely lacquer finishes without a colour, which just bring out the character of the wood itself. Aluminium is treated differently as the colour is applied through powder coating techniques. So regardless of the product you go for, you will have the ideal colour to suit the design of both the interior and exterior of your home, and with a robust durable finish that will remain vivid for years after installation.

FAQ Alu Clad Windows

Should I go for double or triple glazing?

These days, there are great insulation gains to be had by choosing triple over double-glazing. Modern techniques have really added value to coughing up for the extra pane throughout your home. You should probably ensure your home is otherwise well insulated in order to make fortifying it with well insulated glazing worth your while, but if this is the case or you are undertaking a new build, Triple glazing is generally worth the extra cost within reason. While some companies might charge up to 30% more, at Zyle Fenster it generally costs only around an extra 7% making triple glazing a no-brainer for most of our customers.

What Kind of Timber Should I Choose?

There is no doubt that cost will be a factor when you are choosing what kind of wood is best for your needs, but there are also other variables worth taking into consideration. If you are opting for Alu Clad, which has been steadily growing in popularity in recent years, the protective layer provided by the cladding means that a soft wood such as Pine or Larch will be sufficient for your needs and indeed remain in great condition for many decades to come. On the other hand, if you are going for a purely timber frame, it could be wiser to opt for a hardwood such as Oak or Meranti, both of which have great durability and longevity. Of course if your pockets are slightly deeper, you may even want to consider having windows made from Accoya, a modern product which is the result of putting soft, sustainable woods through a process called acetylation. This timber is incredibly strong and durable, but does have a price tag to match its incredible performance.

What kinds of openings should I go for?

So when it comes to opening windows, the three main choices you have are Flush Casement Opening Out, Tilt & Turn, and Sash Sliders. Of course taste should and will always be a factor when making this decision, although there are often other motivating factors. For example Tilt & Turn windows, which open in, can accommodate a larger opening sash than a Flush Casement window and their dual opening style is also very useful for airing your home without having a window fully open. On the other hand, many people will favour Flush Casement opening out if space is limited in their home and they would prefer that the sashes did not open into the rooms. Similarly people sometimes favour Sash Sliders for this reason, or because they have a more traditional look. Essentially, your opening will be a matter of taste, although it is wise to speak to speak to an expert when making the decision to have the clearest picture of the implications.

How many of my windows need to open?

If your home doesn’t have a modern heat recovery system, which will also provide adequate ventilation, then regulations state that there should be an opening equal to one twentieth of the floor area in each room. This is usually easily covered by one substantial window, or a couple of small ones in the average room. Of course more sizable properties will have to increase their opening sizes as a result. It is good information to have as savings can be made when buying fixed panes and depending on circumstances, many opening windows see little use.

If our FAQ buying Alu Clad Windows did not answer all your questions please contact us and we will be pleased to answer your further questions.


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