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Fri Jul 5

3 New “Transforming Timber Aluminium Curtain Walls …. let the light come flooding in!

3 New “Transforming Timber Aluminium Curtain Walls …. let the light come flooding in!

At Zyle Fenster, we believe there should be fewer limits to achieving your vision! Our timber aluminium curtain walls go further in enabling architects to create leading and innovative designs that literally transform clients’ lives. Whether incorporated into a modern contemporary new build or unlocking a period property, a Zyle Fenster curtain wall can reinvigorate a property by letting the natural daylight come flooding in. As these walls are typically non-structural and self-supporting, the architect can reinvent the space and light within rooms of all sizes.

Natural daylight makes a home lighter and brighter and gives the feeling of more space. If you want to flood a home with natural light then add a Zyle Fenster Timber Aluminium Curtain Wall and create an entire wall of glass. This will provide breath-taking views of the garden and surrounding countryside and will illuminate those awkward corners, neglected corridors and light-starved alcoves.

Often our curtain walls will extend over more than one storey and, with clever use of our unique minimal frame mullion and transom system, the architect has a free hand when deciding how best to divide this large glass area into adjacent units or panes. Keeping the frame sizes as small as possible maximises the pure glass areas, which both enhances the view and is also more thermal efficient.

timber aluminium curtain walls

Marrying the inside and outside space to create a seamless transition from home to garden is easily achieved as our range of both Tilt & Turn and Casement Windows coupled with entrance and sliding door solutions can be easily incorporated into the design. With a combination of natural woods and sleek aluminium cladding, designs will integrate perfectly with both period properties and modern new builds and are available in all the popular RAL paint finishes.

Zyle Fenster curtain walls are designed to resist air and water infiltration thereby maintaining the integrity of the building, delivering comfort to occupants, and meeting Passivhaus thermal insulation standards. As the curtain wall is connected directly to the structure of the building from the floor to the columns, it can absorb wind and other seismic forces, and provide highly effective sound insulation.

With over 15 years’ experience in designing, manufacturing, and installing Timber Aluminium Curtain Walls, Zyle Fenster are ideally placed to help turn your vision into reality.

Here are three new examples of how architects have integrated Zyle Fenster curtain walls into their projects with stunning results!

Clackmannanshire, Scotland

hamil curtain wall

See how the full extension across two storeys in a period property in Scotland has completely transformed this building. From the outside, the new curtain wall has added an elegance and majesty to its appearance. By combining sleek aluminium cladding with clearly visible wooden structural beams and columns, the architect has modernised the structure whilst preserving the integrity of the original construction.

From the inside, light floods into the recesses of the building on both floors. From the comfort of a leather armchair, the owner enjoys an unhindered view of the garden and the surrounding countryside in warmth and comfort all year round.


lounge curtain wall

The addition of the Zyle Fenster entry door to this curtain wall design unites both the internal and external spaces into one cohesive space. This provides full insulation during the cold winter months and also allows the occupants to move seamlessly inside and outside during the warmer summer periods.

Cork, Ireland

In this more modern and contemporary structure, two buildings are joined together via a corridor that also incorporates a staircase. These could essentially have been two separate buildings but this would have created an unconscious barrier of having to walk outside to move from one building to the other. Similarly, the buildings could have been joined by a simple functional and traditional narrow corridor with white internal walls and artificial lighting, which would have been a huge compromise on the ethos of the project.


timber aluminium curtain walls

Instead, the space is totally transformed by two double-storey curtain walls placed on either side of the connecting “corridor”. The view from the outside is modern and radiant and completely fits into the design of the rest of the building. You can see right through the corridor to the green garden space beyond and, as the sun moves during the day, the transparent walls almost disappear into the greenery.


hallway cork curtain wall

From the inside, you are completely shielded from the elements but the space appears vast and expansive and also floods the adjoining rooms with natural light. The two buildings have become one entity and so moving from one “building” to another has now become a simple step into a new room.

We particularly like the third, smaller curtain wall cleverly offset at right angles to the main two walls as it shows off the water feature in the back garden and brings that extra element inside.

The architect has created a huge space that pulls natural light into the two buildings, creates a perfect reception space for entertaining small parties and enables occupants to wander from one side of their home to another in perfect comfort.

Hamill, Scotland

Another stunning design where the owner, perhaps while sipping a Gin and Tonic on the terrace, can watch the ever-changing landscape reflected in the glass wall as the sun goes down.


timber aluminium curtain walls

From the inside, sitting warm and cosy in the sunken sofa area, the viewer is treated to a panoramic vista with three sides of glass and placed centre stage right into the spectacular landscape.

From dawn to dusk, the subtle sleek lines of the aluminium clad timber fuse the natural environment with contemporary design.


The Zyle Fenster Timber Aluminium Curtain Walls are available in the following options:

  • Timber Options – Laminated Scandinavian Pine, Larch, Oak
  • External Capping Options – PPC Aluminium capping, Wooden Capping, Bronze Capping;

Our Timber Aluminium Curtain Walls are available with almost the entire window & door product range allowing the most functional and personalised solutions including:

  • Inward opening Tilt & Turn windows
  • Passivhaus windows
  • Lift & Slide Sliding Doors
  • Front and French Doors
  • Incorporating Rooflights

Our systems come fully Factory Finished using PPC for the external aluminium capping and Sigma water-based paint or stain system for internal timber transoms and mullions. All items are cut to size in the Factory for ease of assembly onsite to ensure highest quality standards and finishes. Every project undergoes a pre-assembly stage at the factory before proceeding to the final finishing stages.

Technical Facts And Figures

  • Energy saving – Thermal insulation (incl. screw influence) – up to Um,t = 0.80 W/(m²K)
  • Water tightness RE1200
  • Wind load 1500Pa / 2250Pa
  • System width 50 / 56 / 76 / 96 mm
  • For timber profiles from 50 mm width
  • Infill thickness 10 to 64 mm
  • Glass weight 550/600 kg
  • Polygonal assembly up to 45°
  • Glass roof up to 2° inclination

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