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Zyle Fenster Aluminium Clad High Performance Large Sliding Door

Zyle Fenster Aluminium Clad High Performance Large Sliding Door

Zyle Fenster Aluminium Clad Large Sliding Doors are like no other composite sliding door system. Thermally they have market leading passive house U values, whilst also offering unparalleled over-sized architectural solutions.

The lift and slide technology of the SKY frame timber aluminium lift and slide door means even the largest of glass panes can be easily manoeuvred across any aperture using the minimum of effort. Totally draught-proof and weatherproof, the Zyle Fenster Large Scale Lift and Slide doors are designed with functionality, ease of operation, and security in mind.

Several solutions can be designed with moveable mullions meeting on a 90 degree angle. This design enables complete glazed corners of buildings to be opened up, leaving an unobstructed corner.

Sky Frame Aluminium Clad Large Sliding Doors

Sky Frame Timber sliding doors are an innovative design that offer an immaculate finish. The seamless fixed frame offers that attention to detail that you just can’t get with the Slim Line design.

Timber sliding doors enable a room to be filled with light and can bring the ‘outdoors indoors’ by extending your living space onto your garden or patio. They even work well with smaller outside areas, such as courtyard gardens and balconies.

Our entire range of sliding doors can be fitted with triple glazing, using three heat saving panels of glass to ensure excellent conservation of heat and reduction in energy costs. They can also all be produced with external and internal finishes that match your windows. Choose from a range of finishes to complement other design features of your home.

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