Timber Windows

Zyle Fenster supply three ranges of Timber Windows,  Flush CasementTilt & Turn and Pivot. All of our timber windows ranges combine style, versatility and security and are suitable for a wide range of projects. Our traditional flush casement windows open outwards and can be top or side hung, Tilt & Turn are rich in features and deliver tremendous value for money, while Pivot windows with their extensive range of colours and clean styling, make them equally well-suited to multiple-occupancy buildings such as apartments and hotels.

Double and triple glazed options are available, with a choice of glass types, frame timbers and colours. All are thoroughly tested for thermal, acoustic and weather containment plus wind resistance. The low Uw rates for thermal containment are impressive.

With double gasketing, weather containment is assured; discreet internal beading aids both aesthetics and security, and they hold Secured By Design (SBD) approval.

With smooth lines, our traditional flush casement windows sit beautifully in the frame. But they offer more than sleek aesthetics – they are Secured By Design (SBD) certified too.

Our tilt turn windows combine style, versatility and security. A practical mid-range choice, they are rich in features and deliver tremendous value for money.

Our centre pivot windows are remarkable not only for their technical performance, but for their size.

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