Schuco ASS 70FD Bi-Fold Doors

Thermally insulated Schuco ASS 70FD Bi-Fold Doors allow entire glass walls to be opened almost completely, creating easy access to the outside space.

The narrow face width and greater flexibility due to the option to combine with other systems, make the ASS70 a popular choice of folding doors.

They offer the benefits of quiet operation, perfect weathertightness and high transparency which combine to produce an outstanding high quality product.

The rounded profile corners give them an attractive design and units can be moved in all directions and tailored to meet an individual’s need.


Outward / inward opening, Left / right folding, bi-parting available too. Maximum of 7 panes sliding in one direction.

Schuco ASS 70FD Bi-Fold Doors Zyle Fenster
Product guidance – As Standard
Max. height vent3000 mm
Max. width vent1200 mm
Max. weight vent (element)120 kg
Overall system depth frame77 mm
Overall system depth vent77 mm
Min. Glass thickness6 mm
Max. Glass thickness63 mm
Glazing methodDrained and ventilated glazing with EPDM synthetic rubber gaskets.
FinishingChoose from a full range of polyester powder coat colours and anodised finishes.
Dual colourDual colour available offering a different colour inside and out.
Profile assemblyWeather stripped profiles with polyamide thermal breaks.
SecurityMeets the very stringent requirements to be awarded the RC 2/WK 2 accreditation.
Air permeabilityUp to 600 Pa (class 4).
Wind load resistanceUp to 1200 Pa (class B3).
Water tightnessUp to 250 Pa (class 6A).
Acoustic performanceRw (C; Ctr) = 34 (-2;-5) dB / 45 (-1;-5) dB, depending on glazing type dB.

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