Reynaers CP155 Lift & Slide Aluminium Doors

Reynaers CP155 Aluminium lift & slide doors are designed to accomodate huge panes of glass that maximise light and minimise lines.

Lift and slide doors use a different mechanism from traditional sliding patio doors. The doors reside within a sliding track,  the mechanism lifts the doors onto rollers when slid sideways. This structure and mechanism is designed to accomodate large heavy doors and glass sizes.

Each lift and slide door panel can span 3m high and 2.7 wide, and loads of up to 400kg, yet the doors can still be slid open with ease. A choice of thresholds is available, including a low profile to meet accessibility requirements.

These doors offer exceptional insulation, and there’s also a High Insulation option. Plus, they hold Secured By Design certification.

Reynaers CP155 Lift & Slide Doors Zyle Fenster
Min. Visible width T-profile
76 mm
Visible width meeting section
115 mm
Max. height vent
3000 mm
Max. width vent
2700 mm
Max. weight vent (element)
400 kg
Overall system depth frame
68 mm
Rebate height
25 mm
Min. Glass thickness
4 mm
Max. Glass thickness
52 mm
Glazing method
Drained and ventilated glazing with EPDM synthetic rubber gaskets.
Choose from a full range of polyester powder coat colours and anodised finishes.

Dual colour

Dual colour available offering a different colour inside and out.
Profile assembly
Weather stripped profiles with polyamide thermal breaks.
Meets the very stringent requirements to be awarded the RC 2/WK 2 accreditation.
Air permeability
Up to 600 Pa (class 4).
Wind load resistance
Up to 1600 Pa (class C4).
Water tightness
Up to 600Pa (class 9A).
Acoustic performance
Rw (C; Ctr) = 35 (-2;-5) dB / 42 (-1;-3) dB, depending on glazing type.

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