Reynaers CW 50 Curtain Wall

Reynaers highly versatile aluminium curtain wall system now comes with an improved range of style options including the newly enhanced CW 50 range.

Optimized to carry larger glass sizes and triple glazed units, this extremely cost-effective and versatile aluminium curtain wall system provides market leading levels of wind load resistance and water tightness, combined with maximum natural light entry.

A curtain wall and roof façade system developed to offer unlimited creative freedom, CW 50 has one of the largest ranges of individual style variants offered by any architectural curtain wall system with 11 options available.

This versatility means the system can accommodate virtually any combination of vertical and inclined plane with the added capability of integration of different types of vents. Within the range high insulation variants as well as fire resistant solutions are also available. The roof façade has the ability to achieve inclinations up to 80˚ enabling architectural creativity and a high insulation flush roof vent is available, which blends seamlessly into a structure. Various other vent options are available within the range including top and bottom hung, parallel openers and tilt and turn.

Technical improvements and modifications to the system means it now has the capability to carry significantly more glass weight as a result of the new developments with the components and glass supports. The standard system can carry a glass weight up to 200 kg, tubular supports can carry up to 250 kg while the continuous support accommodates panels of up to 450 kg. Specific projects that require an even greater weight can be considered on discussion with the Reynaers technical team.

The CW 50 curtain wall system can achieve a thermal insulation UF value down to 0.8 W/m2K, depending on the profile combination.

Reynaers CW50 Curtain Wall Gallery

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