Aluminium Clad (AluClad) Contemporary Windows

Zyle Fenster provide Aluminium Clad (AluClad) Contemporary Windows and Door for prestige developments working closedly with Architects. We produce four ranges AluClad Flush CasementAluClad Tilt & TurnPassive House & AluClad Pivot, suitable for a wide range of technical requirements and design possibilities.We offer options of either double or triple glazing, a choice of four glass types, and hardwood or softwood frames plus RAL paint finishes. With low Uw values on all products, thermal performance is strong with effective weather containment. Internal beading also ensures they are also Secure By Design.

With smooth lines, our traditional flush timber casement windows sit beautifully in the frame. But they offer more than sleek aesthetics – they are Secured By Design (SBD) certified too.

These tilt and turn timber windows are overlaid with durable aluminium just on the external face. This reduces maintenance and opens up a wealth of design and colour possibilities.

Designed specifically for the growing UK Passivhaus market, we’re proud to present these cost-effective Passive House windows.

Our centre pivot windows are remarkable not only for their technical performance, but for their size.

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